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*Info b4 posting* | Forum

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Jun 25 '17
Hi !

read here first:


i am looking for:

- 1-3x coders (c++)
- 1-2x character artists
- 1-2x animators
- 2-5x 3D modelers (Maya, 3DsMax, Blender) *no 3D beginners as we have no time to teach*
- 1-2x texture artists
- 1x concept artists
- 1-2x sound artists
- 1x fx-artists
- 1x video-artist
- 1x web coder (html, php, javascript)
- 1x mapper (good UE4 knowledge)

- you fit another spot we didnt mention ?
dont hesitate and show what youve got.

************** copy and fill out this *************

Your callsign:
Link to your portfolio:

Basic knowledge in:
In-depth-knowledge in:

Ability to lead a team? yes/no/maybe:

Link to former projects you were envolved in:

Want to add anything / leave a personal message, do it here:

************** /end copy and fill out this *************
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