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Pro's and Con's of weapon rules/limits *** B2K's future etc.pp. | Forum

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Jun 17 '17
Con rules & limits:

- limiting players and their freedom
- need scripts to enforce them leading to irritation for new players
- not possible to make all achievements on the server or not for all
- tedious to get into the sniperslot/squad
- taking away a specific playstyle of players

Pro rules & limits:

- specific playstyle can ruin the fun for everyone (e.g. sniper, bipod and mortar camping)
- sniperrifles are too powerful in hardcore mode (easy kills with small scopes)
- explosives get spammed alot... really ALOT
- more tactical gameplay the less weapons are allowed
- less spawn kills
- less geting killed while in cover
- taking out some speed of the game
- makes the server unique (!)
- allowing more maps to be played
- less situations of feeling bullshited
- less easy kills
- more maps that can be played

Bangbus 2 Karkand
was always a server of no vehicles,sniper, m320 and mortar.
Every now and then we allowed it to make it easier to start the server everyday, cos
the more restrictions the harder it gets to start the server as people leave when getting
killed by script.

At those times we had competing servers which we dont have now anymore.
Seeing on usual days just 1-3 players helping to start the server and others
just joining when its already running makes me overthink the hard work of
starting every day pretty much.

Since this server is being paid by more b2k members than back the days the
rules started to shift to a degree that i personally dont like playing on our own
server anymore. Too much going for the easy kill:

i missed ? oh, let me:
- m320
- grenade
- xm25
- rpg
- mortar him


This is in my opinion just absurd COD-gameplay and has nothing to do with
objective driven teamplay.
As a matter of fact, many maps cant be played as there is always someone
sniper, mortar or bipod camping.

Which leads to the next point: camping.

Camping got so much worse since we added sniperlimit and bullshit weapons like m320,
that its really an annoying factor.
And especially camping is nothing we can do anything about by scripts. The server just
dont sends such data.

So what are the possibilities we got for changes ?

1. Camping
- no snipers
- no explosives
- no bipods
- no shotguns

These four factors make it harder to camp as for the simple fact that
its raising the possibility to miss and get shot if camping alone, while
a team could revive themselves.

Additionally, no person could easily kill complete squads anymore and would
be forced to more teamplay, sticking together.

Another note to mention: Roof-top-camping on Zavod would be way less efficient.

2. The Easy-Kill
- no scopes on snipers smaller than 12x /// no straight pull
- no explosives
- no bipods
- no shotguns

In this bracket of "the Easy-Kill", sniper itself isnt the main problem, but the scopes.
A 1x - 4x scope on a sniper makes it way more easy to oneshot close-quarter AND
usually on long-range as well, depending on hardware setup (due to visibility - and some
even got a red-dot on their display-GUI).

Big scopes without straight pull would make the sniperrifle harder to manage on the one
hand but would also actually DEMAND to camp. Nevertheless this could still result in
a way better gameplay-experience.

Explosives in general are easy kills in this game (from m320 to impact grenades, from rpg to mortar).
Its just pathetic.

Same counts for bipods and shotguns. Slugs = same as sniper, buckshots are up to midrange
easy kills. Bipods are total bullshit in general. The LMG's are balanced very good without bipods
but with its just a total mess... laserswords... damn DICE !

3. Playing the objective

- sniperlimit
- no explosives
- no bipod or bipodlimit

Again it comes to no explosives being an important part to ensure more objective
teamplay. People running for objective, taking cover, advancing etc. is most of the
time totally destroyed by easy m320, mortar, rpg or impact grenades.

Bipods are yet not overused but same as to sniper, as a limited ressource this would
already ensure more teamplay and tactical possibilities. Better would be still: no bipods
and snipers no scopes <12x.

The problem with limits is: there is only a VERY complicated way to ensure ONE sniper
per SQUAD and no way to limit bipods (maybe but that would be even more complicated
than limiting one sniper to one squad).

As a matter of fact the grade of complication to limit things one per squad is too much
work / consuming too much time i just dont have / willing to invest anymore.

4. General Problems
- shooting out of/into mainbases
- limits

I personally dont like rules that cant be completely automated.
There is always a time when there is no admin and besides to
take care about all the whining is highly unenjoying and time
consuming work.

The basic problem here lies within the really bad map/game-design.
Background to this is that the lead-platform was console and with that
a max. of 32 players per map. That was their target design-range which
is clearly visible as well.

For those of you who dont know it - B2K is part of the admin-alliance
"we are battlefield" which started a campaign to turn down their servers
for 24h as a sign of revolt against the patch-policies of DICE.
This alliance grew very fast so that the action was heard by EA/DICE.

The alliance also voted me as their spokesman and David Sirland reached out
for us - leading in a Team-Meeting with him and his Multiplayer-Lead-Designer
"Tompson" (not sure if spelled right).

In this meeting it turned out they didnt have concepts on how to adress problems
and i gave them a pretty clear idea to any problem which they liked in every case
and promissed to patch. Turned out only very few ideas of mine were actually really
patched into BF4 but made it into BF1... *grumpyface*

Anyway, in this meeting David Sirland also admitted "Yes, Sniperrifles are not balanced
for Hardcore and we still dont know how to - its a difficult task and none of priority."

This beeing said - nothing has changed since back that days for BF4.

So here my perspective how gameplay could be advanced to a better level on our server:
- no limits anymore as there will always be whining about it (for a reason - its just unfair).
- no bipods (reason: camping, LMG is good without)
- no shotguns (srsly: overpowered by any means)
- no sniperlimit, but on DMR no scopes <6x on bolt-action no scopes <12x and NO STRAIGHT PULL
- no explosives (yes, no explosives at all - easier to script. alternatively the usual grenade could be allowed)
- no FLIR/IRNV (without sniperlimit this could be discussed as it would help spotting snipers)

This changes would lead to a way more immersive war-feeling.
Snipers are the only part of it that still could lead to problems
but due to the big scopes and no straight pull they have disadvantages

For anything else there are just PLENTY of other servers !
Softcore, Hardcore, Inf-Only Softcore, Vehicle clusterfucks,
slow vehicle spawntimers, All weapons allowed, No explo,
No snipers, etc.pp. its ALL there... with this rules we would
still be unique .

Thanks for reading - your input appreciated
Cheers, Staazvaind

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Durinn Jun 17 '17
For the con i agree with all.

For the pro:
-"pecific playstyle can ruion the fun for everyone (e.g. sniper, bipod and mortar camping)"
Every playstyle can ruin the fun for someone. i personally have no problem with sniper, bipod or mortar. How many snipers are really skilled? the only thing i agree is the oneshot problem. Bipod? Take him down with your sqaud, if you can't do that he has chosen a good spot and deserves that you can't pass. Take another way. Mortar? no problem if you don't camp, maybe take a silencer.
-"sniperrifles are too powerful in hardcore mode (easy kills with small scopes)" I agree.
- Explosives? Fun to use, in some cases the only way to take out a enemy behind cover, or an advantage position. You have to think where you take cover and take the objectiv, maybe some good player throws a granade behind your cover, or blows your wall up with m320.
- More tactical? Why? Without sniper, explosives and shotgun it is alle the same, you don't have to take care of everything? Secure your back with clay, ah no it is explosive. Both enries a secured, ok we make a third, ah no we cant use m320, rpg or c4.
-"taking out some speed of the game" for some good, for some bad. In my opinion it is not to fast even with no limits/rules.
- "makes the server unique (!)" I agree, but keeps out some player becouse the can't play like they want, or some of there friends has a problem with some rules. Or i want to play tactical, take every class, sniper, someone with explosive but no we can't.

-"Bangbus 2 Karkand was always a server of no vehicles,sniper, m320 and mortar."
I didn't play on Bangbus2Karkand on B2 or B3 and i im honest. I joined B2K when the server was No Flir/IRNV with vehicles, perfect server for me and if it were todays rules i would never join the server.

For the COD-gameplay style, yes i have a problem with that too. But i don't think the problem are the weapons, the problem are the players. I would say most of todays players don't want the tactical gameplay. To complicated, can't just join and play a round on my own. Find 4 other players and join any server, with tactical gameplay you rule every server.

Camping and Easy Kills: I don't have e problem with that. Sometimes i like to camp to, sitting in a bus near C on pearl anc cover alle the way from C to D. Easy Kills? I need them, without  31 other player playing at a good skilllevel and playing the objectives i have to take out a whole squad to take the flag, or shot with m320/throw granade behind cover and kill the enemy there that is preventing me from taking the objective.
And that the people don't play the objective are a problem of the people nowadays, the care for KD not for the win. Take away that weapons will not prevent them from playing for KD. Maybe it will only prevent them from joining our server(Don't know if that is good).

Basecamp, yes can be a problem. But with our mappool only on Pearl Market and even ther only between A/C or C/D.

Rules i like:
NO Vehicles(OK I have no problem with tanks, but i understand why we don't want them.

SittingDucked Jun 17 '17
So, here's some thoughts...
- no limits anymore as there will always be whining about it (for a reason - its just unfair).

No. I think we need a limit or ban sniper weapons completely.

- no bipods (reason: camping, LMG is good without)


- no shotguns (srsly: overpowered by any means)


- no sniperlimit, but on DMR no scopes <6x on bolt-action no scopes <12x and NO STRAIGHT PULL

NO, Unless snipers allowed (in small numbers)

- no explosives (yes, no explosives at all - easier to script. alternatively the usual grenade could be allowed)

Ban all except grenades. Allows their intended use as a personal weapon and can be useful squad support weapon, but remove all the other OP crap (mortar, M320 blah blah)


YES. Hell yes!

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Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Jun 18 '17
yeah, somewhere in the battlelog-forums one might be able to find half an essay of mine
why KD as stat is so terribad for a game that was meant to enforce teamplay in the first place.
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Wurstbratgeraet Jun 20 '17
1) Explosives are ok. But harder spam limiter  (4 exampel 3xpunish 1x kick 1x timeban)
2) sniper: not 2 many rules scope & straigt pull limits are interesting
3) bipod no rule needed
4) DMR´s no rules ( 1 shoot kill works only with a headshoot)
5) sitting, i need english lessons ;o)
6) Who the fuck wants me writing in english... i hate it.... im not a pucky duck

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SittingDucked Jun 24 '17
Dude, you can use German! 

I can translate it. 

What's the German for Google?  ;)

Wurstbratgeraet Jun 26 '17

Quote from SittingDucked 

What's the German for Google?  ;)


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Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Jun 26 '17
K4L15 Jul 4 '17

Mich stört eigentlich nur Zwei Sachen die aber so richtig!

Und das sind die RGO Impact Granaten! Und der M320 Greanade lauchner!Man kann einfach zu wenig dagegen machen, zb. im 1vs1 an einer Ecke zieht man zu 90% den kürzeren. Und da es nichts mit skill zu tun hat bin ich einfach strickt dagegen.
Das Sniper/DMR limit ist sehr gut, 5 pro Team ist eine gute Anzahl. Die Idee "scope >=8x und kein straight Pull " finde ich richtig gut, So wird die doch sehr starke Klasse etwas abgeschwächt. 

Zu camper, shotguns, bipods etc. hab ich nichts zu sagen, ich persönlich komme damit klar.