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-R00KiE-UK- Proof Video | Forum

R00KiE Mar 17
Hi all,

At the request of Staaz I have uploaded another proof video.  It is in the video section - however the direct link is here

Zavod Gameplay

You mmight want to mute the sound (there is no game sound as I was wearing headphones) as I have an irritating cough at the moment!!

I hope this will help stop the almost constant cheating allegation from certain individuals.  Thanks to those that continue to back me up when these allegations are made (CT crew and many server regulars).

See you guys in the server!!
The Forum post is edited by R00KiE Mar 17
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 17
Cheers m8 !
Please dont delete it.
R00KiE Mar 17
No problem.  I definitely won't delete...
SittingDucked Mar 17
Ewwwww you're a lefty. How disappointing.
SittingDucked Mar 17
What resolution are you playing at, on that cinema screen?

R00KiE Mar 17
Haha, I'm a lefty indeed!  Nothing wrong with that, other than your choice of mouse is rather limited!

I'm playing at 4k mate.
The Forum post is edited by R00KiE Mar 17