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Game-Modes | Forum

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 7

So far three gamemodes are planned:

- deathmatch
- classic conquest
- bangbus advance and secure

deathmatch / classic conquest:
not much to say here. you know the modes and those will be "what you already know is what you get".
except one small change: map-sizes and locations.

there will be three map-sizes / locations of map area to choose from.
e.g. deathmatch around flags a & b, or b & c...etc. depending on playersize:
0 - 16, 16 - 32, 32 - 48 and 48 - 64 (maybe even more but i doubt it)
two options : adaptive mapsize / fixed mapsize

bangbus advance and secure:
not sure yet but rough idea is:

squad size = 5

1 squad CIA (team allah)
1 squad mercenary (team america)

1x sniper each team (is also commander)
1x spotter each team (is in squad with commander)

5 squads each team.

team america has to raid every house to proceed.
if house is raided and claimed by a squad it will be automatically the spawn and re-ammo area.
this leads to a frontline which is the dynamic border of murrica-controlled-area.

team allah can spawn at any house not in murrica-controlled-area.
they can only re-take one house behind enemy spawn - not further.


you will spawn in the latest taken house and get a timer to reach your squadlead.
the timer will be short in order you having to take a risk reaching your squadlead.

squadleads can switch between two modes:
tactical and swarm.

in tactical your squad gets a small health bonus (equal to bf4 softcore/hardcore ratio).
in tactical you automatically follow your squadlead (like a rubberband) and depending
on your position in the team have a rough direction to cover (back - 6 o'clock, front left/right - 10 / 2 o'clock, etc.)

this tactical mode only works on walls, obstacles, etc.
at a e.g. housecorner the squadlead has to assign where to proceed this mode which will be
drawn on everyones ingame-hud as groundmarkers (very visible). when its your turn you run to the position.
the more accurate you fulfill such orders the more points you get for it.

in the swarm mode you are more vulnarable but also free in movement.
nevertheless you have to stay in a specific minimum range to your squadlead.

the lone wolf player wont work in this gamemode as its all about your squadlead.

team america and allahs squad tactics will differ and adepted to real world
combat behavior. e.g. if the lmg guy has to give cover-fire, team allah will
definitely look more funny :D


CIA / mercenary



Commander / spotter

Commander gives each squad an order.

Squad has limited time to reach target.


Spotter: tba




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