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It's time for our own game: Strike at Karkand - the Bangbus way | Forum

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 3
This will be my small diary on this project.

Day 1:

My old project data didnt integrate into unreal engine 4.19 and after this period
i almost forgot where i was anyway so i started completely new.

So far i got my basic terrain and now i m playing around with the basic texture-set
i want the map to follow. I did pay a megascans subsription for quite a while so
i have some old textures with at least 2k resolution, some also in 4k.

I think i m gonna go with a yellow-green'ish & gray-red'ish colorset for ground and stones
but i m not 100% sure yet.

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Bauch5 Mar 3
I'm excited to see what you can produce, although I have no understanding of the process.
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 3
basic water added

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 4
day 2

- overlayed a picture of original karkand (bf2) to match basic shapes
- roughly planned out the area
- made my first thoughts of how to make the map different
- started some block-out process
- started testing street textures and created one (asphalt + sand)
- extended my megascans subsription and bought stuff worth $30,- (rocks, textures, decals)
- started to add some rocks with color-testing
- will bring back the mashtuur city mosque (and that type of area around it)

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Looks good!

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 4
na it doesnt :D
its still the drafting and blockout process.
the real work is yet to come.
but thx anyway.
I meant the layout.

Also, what is most urgent for needing donations?

Oh, and I don't want to go to the map area with poor peoples houses. Yuck!

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Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 4

most needed recently are:
1. the environmental packs, then
2. networking pack, then
3. basic weapons with animation

poor people : well it will only be sheds.
sort of like this type (just not so many, but you get the style set) :

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 5
day 3

- tried terragen 4 to create a mountain as 3D object.
didnt work out the way i wanted it to be.
researching better approaches.

- received a happy donation from sitting

- more blockout
- some path set

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Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 6
day 4

- wasting hours ... didnt realise how much i ve forgot about that engine
and created a huge scaling error @importing of my old heightmap.

yep, you guess right - all again !
but hey ! - wont happen to me again - thats worth something...right ? RIGHT ???
jes... fuck

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Sabivach Mar 7

Time to have a quick reminder of how it used to be :D




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Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 7
sry pal :D i dont need a reminder :D

also it wont be the same.
i cannot copy 1 to 1.

for one because it would be totally lame as an artist to just copy
and in case we gonna sell it they would send their army of lawyers
directly to b2k. - no thx :D
Sabivach Mar 7
I know You dont, but I recon there are some other BF fans reading this :D

And I am aware that it can not be the same due to copyrights, I just dont want it to lose that special spirit it had. 

Even now, just by saying word Karkand, some warmth begins to surround my heart <3

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Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 7
:D <3 true 100%
Sabivach Mar 7
Also, I would like to see how you handle remastering of Bocage and El Alamein :D
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 7
step by step.
one map - playable in multiplayer - is enough to keep me busy.
when it all works out there is space to talk other maps :D
Sabivach Mar 8
El Alamein is very easy and cheap to make. Bunch of sand, dunes, and mountains, which you all already have, as seen in the photos above. But ofc, it is not Karkand :D
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 8
dont forget: it will be bangbus way - no tanks
giveusbeer Mar 8
then alamein would be obsolete because it is huge space, we made the mod with aircraft carrier near the german main bas on alamein 42, and sub was installed in small lake in the middle of the desert  :D
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Mar 8
day 5

- done some scripts (nothing to show yet)
- some tweaks and layouting
- getting rid of a really annoying error

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