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Rules discussion thread | Forum

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Feb 1
Discuss here.
Have in mind we started as a inf only NO sniper server.

recent changes with explanation:

- sniperlimit removed
sniperlimit is a bad design. it enables some to snipe and disables others to react the same way leading to use
bullshit weapons like a REMOTE CONTROLLED MORTAR (dafuq is this for a weapon, rly).

- bolt action only 8x or higher
to render the bolt-action not to be superior in CLOSE QUARTER there need to a sort of handicap.
originally we wanted to start with 20x but 8x is on most snipers the default sight so we started off
with that one as well.

- no mortar
since anyway can now react on a sniper with taking a sniper himself, the mortar has lost its
ONLY reason to be allowed. this weapon and its design is completely nonsense and probably
designed for players on xboy and playstation to finally hit something for the lack of controls.

- the fairplay-rule (no baserape, shooting out of base, etc.) is gone
reason is simple: it cannot be automated and always needs an admin on the server.
my telegram-bot spams me all those whining reports because this sort of players will
always be there no matter if there is an admin or not.
so be it.

if you think of the reasons: its the bad map design. it shouldnt be possible in the first place.


in my personal opinion there should only be automated weapons and dmr's.
grenades also need to be overworked. they should be just frag/smoke and have a timer.
also they should be limited to once every 2 minutes as a maximum per player (even after death).
all other explosive shit is ruining tactical gameplay.
bipod and shotguns would have to go as well, if my personal preference would matter.

this game is happy happy joy joy run and gun game and needs some serious slow down
which would also make the netcode not seem that bad anymore.

but hey, this recent rules make it more competative if you think about it, so if you want to
discuss it, do it constructively with reasoning - thx.
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Feb 1
way too many snipers and people getting frustrated.
lets see if the server starts again with no sniper rule.

the reason we allowed sniper was because of server starting.

giveusbeer Feb 1
Personally I dont like those changes because snipers are probably most hated weapons for me. Main reason for that is that snipers 99% are not the teamplayers - play just for themselves and their contribution to team goals is poor even if they are really good and make a lot of kills...  Hate that sound of bullets hitting around me while someone trying to shot me from a safe distance and I would rather have them removed completely than to see them allowed completely but Im just a occasional player and my opinion is hence irrelevant. Also I believe that its good for the B2K to remove that limit because it was probably most typed command in the game !sniper !dmr ... People like to use those weapons and I believe that popularity will rise (also hopefully no of VIPs). Sweet spot is hard to achieve, for me 3 sniper limit was acceptable (1 would be even more acceptable) but hey perhaps we have to try to change stuff to see does something work or not...

I loved mortars, to hunt the snipers AND CAMPERS and I ll miss that weapon. Lucky me, I still have UCAV, hope that you dont turn it off after this :)  I dont find mortars huge problem (they are the huge problem only if you have UCAV clan on the server which is specialized for mortar and ucav spam) and their slow reload didnt really make them too useful (same for ucav) but its your decision. 

Fairplay rule - I completely agree with you. Did same at my BF 1942 years ago, its hard to reinforce that, you need army of admins (and we had 25+ admins / mods in one moment) and completely ruin admin / mod games because they have to warn / kick / ban violators all the time. Its not pleasant to be owned from the main but again, no one force you to spawn there, spawn somewhere else.

So its the way it is, sniper limit is probably reason #1 for me to play at B2K, really nice community and existing administration is #2, (popularity of Zavod Shift is #1 reason for me not to playing / leaving the server).

Hope that sniper allowance will not ruin the B2K essence, mortars and redzones will certainly not.

Anyway thanks for the great administration (great handling of problems in the games, also existing of this page for the open dialog), its hard to find administered server and people which actively think about the server and how should it be set (even that sometime could be wrong) :)


giveusbeer Feb 1

Quote from Staazvaind way too many snipers and people getting frustrated.
lets see if the server starts again with no sniper rule.

the reason we allowed sniper was because of server starting.

ohhhh didnt event finished my crying and snipers are off <3 

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Feb 1
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Feb 2
but we will need more starterhelp from now on cos many kiddos cant snipe anymore.
giveusbeer Feb 2

Quote from Staazvaind but we will need more starterhelp from now on cos many kiddos cant snipe anymore.
Will be happy to help and instead of starting "ENAW Pearl only" to start B2K, lucky me Pearl, which is my favorite, is base map. Thank you!
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Feb 2
Durinn Feb 2
I think Staazvaind knows my opinion, but for all the others.
I starter playing and joined Bangbus when the server was only no irnv/flir with vihicles anderen no other rule. I have no problem with any typ of weapon.

I can live with the sniperlimit, the boltaction 8+ scope rule ist not my first choice, but keeping in mind the problems the script brings i am ok with this rule.
Even no mortar is ok, not something i like but ok.

All other rules are bullshit in my eyes.
The explosive limit kills a lot of fun for me.
Removing frag shotgun the same.
For me explosives, shotgun and even rawr are a big part of a tactical gameplay.

Mfg Durinn

Edit: Remove of Fairplay is ok, said last year we should only have rules that can be enforced be a script.
And this is only my opinion, but for me if you get hit by a mortar more then once in a game you should stop camping.
Same for M320, Rpg,etc, expect some good players most just spam them but never hit a moving target with first shot, so while they reload you can kill them.
The Forum post is edited by Durinn Feb 2
IceSea Feb 2
I think I can also live with the new rules, only one I don't really agree on is the mortar rule.

I'm with GIVEUSBEER on this, its so useful not just against snipers but against CAMPERS... It drastically limits my options to deal with them, bc I dont like playing sniper, and the other snipers in the team never really hunt enemy campers/snipers...

A side effect this may also produce, is that less ppl will play support, and Ammo guys are already kind of rare on many maps...

Compromise suggestion: why not ban those fucking Claymores instead? :D
giveusbeer Feb 2
are DMRs without any limits now? (believed that they was banned with the snipers too), Staaz said they are balanced but Im unsure about the exact meaning, allowed to balance the ban of the snipers or balanced means 3 allowed as before , tnx !
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Feb 2
as for now they are allowed, yes.
you were unfortunate to join on that shitty map.

give it a bit to adept and we re-discuss DMR in a week, ok ?
giveusbeer Feb 2
Sure, still love B2K :) Tnx!
The Forum post is edited by giveusbeer Feb 2

Quote from IceSeaAmmo guys are already kind of rare on many maps...

Ducky ALWAYS has ammo to give out! :)
IceSea Feb 3

Quote from SittingDucked
Quote from IceSeaAmmo guys are already kind of rare on many maps...

Ducky ALWAYS has ammo to give out! :)

true that! but what do I do if ducky is on the enemy team :( get killed by a freakin' duck and don't get ammo, double-bummer :D
Sabivach Feb 3
New rules rock! Except for bolt sniper rifles. DMR-s are way more OP than standard sniper rifles. I like the new system, because there are no more competing over sniper slot, and no more admins are needed to correct base shooting and other issues...My way of correcting it would be to enable snipers, but without bolt loader, and with minimum scope of 8X. And ban m320 if you already banned mortar. I am fine with mortar, only if not overused. Claymores, rockets and other gadget are also fine if not overused. And it would also make other soldier classes more included. As it used to be 8/10 soldiers were assaults, I hope to a better distribution.

I like the new maps included, brings the precious freshness to B2k. One idea, why not make possible to vote for another game type, for example chain link? It would make pearl market (57% rounds ever played on this server) much more interesting, other maps as well, it can be inf only, so all requirements are met. And it would put more fame on B2k, because it hosts rare game mods.

TomReagan Feb 4
I am also in favor of the new rules. In my opinion the problem with the sniper rifles is due to the bad "hc-mode" which just decreases the hp of the player. Every weapon is effected from it by effectively increasing the damage of the weapon and in case of the sniper rifle - which had the highest damage to begin with - the weapon becomes a one shot machine from any distance and regardless of the body part you hit. This and the fact that the sniper rifle is of course the most accurate weapon makes it naturally the number one choice on any map.

I am pretty split about the full ban of the weapon and think the handicap of 8x or even 20x with adaptable zoom 14x would be enough to counter the overpowered performance of the iron sight or 4x sniper rifles. With DMRs I dont really see a problem because but it could also be considered to only allow at least 6x if it becomes epidemic. 

To all explosives the spam limiter is enough even to the mortar. Explosives are often the only way to break a stand-off which often happens at maps like gulf of oman were you can pinpoint a team to a certain flag especially the US team at A.   

DMRs can max have 4x and not 6x @Tomreagan