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    Bangbus 2 Karkand

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    Softcore is for pussies

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    Insult in a sexy way

Oh we badmins banned you and ... | Forum

Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Jun 4 '17
looks clean to me - couldnt watch it all yet but looking good so far !
appreciating your efforts tho !
The Forum post is edited by Staazvaind Jun 4 '17
Swift Jun 4 '17
I may do one more to try and get a better game and higher KDR. What I could do with is a VIP slot for Squad A so i can use a DMR like when you spectated me haha.

In all honesty though i have never and never will cheat. If i was to i would never risk tainting my GT. I've had it years from XBOX, PS3 and now PC. 
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Jun 5 '17
vip's dont have a guaranteed slot in squad alpha XD
only admins can move people around to add themselves into it ;)

Swift Jun 5 '17
Whats the final verdict then? Also bare in mind I have searched my GT and have never been banned, never had suspicious activity, stats, movement etc.
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Jun 5 '17
i cant see anything out of the ordinary.
in all fairness the angle-view on your display makes it hard to recognize things
but so far it SEEMS to be all ok. unban stays until someone comes up with proof
of overseeing important things. anyway - have fun and feel welcome on our server.
Swift Jun 5 '17
Its difficult to get everything in without proper equipment. I had to use bluetack on my phone haha.

Like i said i can upload the actual plays tv footage of both games so you can see actual gameplay footage?
Staazvaind Dev
Staazvaind Jun 5 '17
no - its ok. seen enough.
Sgt_Ghost33 Aug 31 '17
hey, ist der server down oder wurde ich gebannt?
giveusbeer Aug 31 '17
cant find it too :(
Sgt_Ghost33 Aug 31 '17
oh ok, thought i get banned
SittingDucked Aug 31 '17
It went offline for some reason.

I've restarted it.

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