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ProconAdmin Banned: tuttiritarixxx


Silvia Jan 15 · Comments: 1
SittingDucked Banned: CantDisPlayID


Silvia Dec 26 '17 · Comments: 1
SittingDucked Banned: Terrorhenky


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Silvia Feb 19 · Comments: 1
Staazvaind Dev
Hey there.

Our game development has started and in this Blog i will share some progress and thoughts.

First of all thank you SittingDucked for that kind donation to spend some money on textures,
3D-props and scripts which saved me already a good amount of time.

As solo-developer it isnt easy to plan for the future as the amount of work is simply overwhelming
so any donation really helps big time !

So, what did i achieve in the last 14 days ?

- started the sketching out and mapping of the general map area
- blocked some buildings out and started a more detailed blockout of a mosque
- prepared many textures and this will be a ongoing task
- started the dev-diary, link here: DIARY
- started the donation thread, link here: Donation
- started a game-modes thread in which i will present some of my ideas: Game-Modes

Feel free to give your input but please dont expect too much as this is a too
early state to talk and discuss details other than really rough basic features.

Where do i wanna get with this ?
I dont know exactly yet, but idealy this will playable online AND offline in LAN.
Stats will be saved serverside tho any new server you join you will have different stats.
Also i would like to raise the longterm motivation by some sort of leveling and specializing.
How exactly this is gonna turn out ? - I dont know, but i always dreamed of e.g. leveling
a terrorist whos highest level skill would be a suicide-bomb-skill causing lots of splatter.

This raises another topic: i dont only want to go as photorealistic as the engine allows me
to (sry, i give a fuck on low-end computers - who wants to play this game will need top notch)
but also wanna add lots of black humor and GORE !

I want those times back (remember soldier of fortune ?) where gore wasnt sacrificed
to sell the game more and not getting black-listed. Getting black-listed is a medal of
honor for me :)

Luckily GOAS, the CEO of GPortal will provide me with testing-servers as soon i need them
so i will definitely make a deal with him that his company gets the license first - does make sense, huh ?

Anyway, i think thats it for the moment so i hope you like what i achieved in this last two weeks.

Cheers m8's, Staaz

Work in progress screenshots:

Staazvaind Mar 17 · Comments: 1
Wurstbratgeraet Banned: Herr_Tecumseh


Silvia Apr 1 · Comments: 1
Wurstbratgeraet Banned: DmrtheSlayer


Silvia Apr 1 · Comments: 1
Wurstbratgeraet Banned: BellEndChedda


Silvia Mar 31 · Comments: 1
Wurstbratgeraet Banned: 88SWO


Silvia Apr 6 · Comments: 1
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