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[B2K] Game-Deving-Project from Staazvaind's blog

Hi !

For a long time i always dreamed of an own FPS game based on Strike at Karkand
with less weapon choices, more directed teamwork, more gore and tactics while at
the same time being still way more fun to be played as e.g. Squad, Arma, etc.

I once started a small dev-team whichs members didnt keep active enough to
allow such a project and since i'm in a programming retraining (c#) to work as
programmer afterwards i didnt have the time to do all the stuff myself.

Tho it came the recent days that i had to start a small programming project at
my retraining course together with 3 other retrainers - idea: to do a very basic
Atomic Bomberman Clone. Unfortunately we hadnt had enough time for such a
project and shifted from it.

I got many years (10+) of game-deving experience and this passion is just not
going away. Cant help it !

Fan-art-video of the first project i was envolved in, Casus Belli. Still love you guyyys @ FTS !
My main role was international teamlead, in between also modeler.

Based on my work on "Project Reality 2" the feeling of needing Strike at Karkand
back grew stronger and stronger.

pic from my pr2 map:
Laskhar Gha

CryEngine 5.2
work in progress shot

Tho as much i love CryEngine, the wisest descision for the game-engine of choice
recently is UE4. With the help of jimmies blockout-buildings of the original karkand
i started to rebuild it as a blockout version and general concept of game and map
in one step:

pic: as you can see its already quite
a while ago but for the red border
it gives you an impression how the map
is being planned *roughly*

So time passed by and like i said, recently i tried a bomberman clone which i couldnt
finish as well.
But for learning programming and for the fun of a working result i kept working on it
and bought an extremely good c++ tutorial @ Udemy, which will help me getting
into UE4 AND programming while being worth every penny:


Anyway, [B2K]Pezhy  was also interested in this and by chance i found out that an old buddy
from project reality 2 actually also wanted to learn programming and bought this tutorial.

So we will start on this one and as soon we learned enough to make our own Karkand,
we will bring finally Strike at Karkand as an own new game out.
The name will be different as as well almost all buildings will just have the base ground-
layout but put into a more realistic context.

So - if this addresses anyone of you out there to join us, we are looking for:

- 1-3x coders (c++)
- 1-2x character artists
- 1-2x animators
- 2-5x 3D modelers (Maya, 3DsMax, Blender) *no 3D beginners as we have no time to teach*
- 1-2x texture artists
- 1x concept artists
- 1-2x sound artists
- 1x fx-artists
- 1x video-artist
- 1x mapper (good UE4 knowledge)

Our roughly sketched milestones for the complete project idea:

- build a basic bomberman level (blockout done already)
- get networking done in UE4
- get the game-logic working
- release the proof of concept to this community

then we shift to project karkand which we will announce in another blog.

GOAS (CEO of g-portal) will support us for some exclusive rights so the
server-costs for this project should be maintainable.

you want to apply ?

bought a subription @ megascans.se !
just couldnt help it ! their photoscans are just tooooooo tasty not to use.
megascans website
cheers, Staazvaind

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The Wall

Staazvaind Dev
Jun 25 '17
fox, jens, allan, landsheer and matt fagan dont need to apply - just give me a pm :)
Staazvaind Dev
Jun 25 '17
for anyone out there: this is your chance to be envolved from start on in a game-dev-team. think about it !
FoxhoundOz Dev
Jun 25 '17
Reporting for duty sir!
Staazvaind Dev
Jun 25 '17
also looking for: - 1x mapper (good UE4 knowledge)
Staazvaind Dev
Jul 6 '17
Staazvaind Dev
Aug 21 '17
Feb 8
Too much COD for my taste :D
Staazvaind Dev
Feb 8
what ? casus belli ? my game wont be cod style. cod style is mindless deathmatch with no goals, fast action and nade spamming on small maps.
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By Staazvaind
Added Jun 25 '17


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