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    Bangbus 2 Karkand

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    Softcore is for pussies

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    Inf only HC

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    Insult in a sexy way

GiveUsBeer Reported: HSPring-HnD from Silvia's blog

GiveUsBeer Reported: HSPring-HnD">HSPring-HnD
Server: #1 | Bangbus 2 Karkand | INF HC | NO FLIR
Message: intentional teamkilling


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The Wall

Dec 25 '17
that .itch first heavy complained about puttler, then started insulting him, after few regular players took puttlers side and tell him to shut up he started calling us blind, sheeps etc ...
Dec 25 '17
after that in anger he started to TK in our main base (we was in the same team), at the moment I reported him he killed me while I was on motorbike, still in our main base trying to reach the flag
Dec 26 '17
<3 <3 <3
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