Bangbus 2 Karkand
Multigaming since 2006

Bangbus 2 Karkand

Multigaming since 2006

No matter what you play - just be nuts and loyal.

For any questions - join our teamspeak:

  • TS-IP:


You got banned ? What now ?

First off: Shit happens ! But in general its very likely you didnt follow the rules or provoked it.

In case you are being asked for a proof-video, record the following in 3rd person camera view:

  • Your boot-process
  • Scroll through your windows processes slowly
  • Start the game
  • Play an equally good round on a similar type of server
  • Your hands on keyboard and mouse must be visible
  • Upload the video to youtube as a public video and send the link to us
  • Wait for descision
  • You think this is too much work ? Then we have to consider you being a cheater as there is no other way to come closer to a proof-vid.


b2k has hosted BF-Servers since beginning of BF2

... and since we are known for Infantry Only Hardcore.

We are no fans of blink blink GUI bullshit and love the rough imersive feeling on our server.

Originally we started as No-Sniper but with the time it got harder to start the server every day so we had to add a Sniper-Limit to appease some players that love sniping.


BF4 has so much bullshit going on that we need some rules - sorry for that.

Our rules:

  • ::: 1. FAIRPLAY ! (no mortar/sniping out of base etc.pp.) :::
  • ::: 2. NO FLIR & IRNV :::
  • ::: 3. NO RAWR (if available) :::
  • ::: 4. If you insult, do it "sexy". e.g.: you sexy motherfucker :::

More Info:

  • ::: Sniper/DMR - limit = 3 :::
  • ::: .50 cal is only on pearl and propaganda forbidden because of mixed up weapon codes by DICE :::
  • ::: Explosive - limit = 3 in 3minutes :::
  • ::: We dont want to be badmins - so no provocation please ! :::

Active Headadmins

If you need anything: Contact them first

Staaz Vaind

Founder [UK/US/GER/FR/ES]


Founder [UK/US/GER]


Admin [GER/IR]


Admin [GER]


Admin [UK/US]



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